About Us

Healthcare Forward is a physician-led company that partners with healthcare organizations to develop and deploy a scalable High Value Care infrastructure that continually improves quality while reducing costs. The CEO is Dr. Tim Hannon, who leads High Value Care strategy and execution. Dr. Hannon brings a wealth of experience and expertise to bridge the gap between the current volume-based, provider centric healthcare system and a future system that is value-based and patient centered. He is assisted by a team of experienced senior medical directors, program managers and data analysts.

Tim Hannon, MD, MBA is an anesthesiologist with over 20 years experience leading large-scale transformation initiatives to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of healthcare across the nation. As CEO of Strategic Healthcare Group, Dr. Hannon partnered with major healthcare systems to rapidly and sustainably improve transfusion practices, resulting in almost 400,000 blood products saved and total healthcare cost savings approaching $600,000,000. More importantly, Dr. Hannon has helped hospitals avoid 12,700 complications, reduce 476,000 inpatient days, repurpose 700,000 nursing hours, and save 2900 lives to date. Dr. Hannon founded Healthcare Forward to be an even larger platform to drive evidence based, systems-oriented and patient-centric care.

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